Language learning assignment

Moreover, it is a reservoir of knowledge of various disciplines like communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, and diplomacy and also on the Internet. Most of the developments in specialised fields in the developed countries require the usage of English. The advent of Internet and information technology has further emphasised the importance of English as an international language. In this globalised era, the progress and development of a country, to a large extent, is associated with the usage of the English language. After the Second World War, British idealism spread in many parts of the globe and with the United Kingdom becoming highly developed, the language spoken by most European countries, i.e., English became very popular. Thus, over a period of time English has developed into a prominent language. Because of these reasons, the teaching of English, especially in non-English speaking countries has assumed special significance. With the expansion of commerce and industry, and the advances in technology, geographical distance has become irrelevant and the world has shrunk into a global village. With the opening up of bigger markets, many new job opportunities became available for aspirants in various fields all over the world. So there is such an unprecedented movement of skilled labourers across the globe and most of them seek Europe and USA as their hopeful destinations. The primary requisite for employment is a working knowledge of English. The requirement and proficiency will vary according to the nature of the job. The burgeoning job opportunities in various fields necessitated the aspirants to master the English language. In the filed of education also English is accepted as the most preferred mediums of instruction and interaction between teacher and pupils. Therefore, proficiency in English language has become a primary necessity. Hence to measure the proficiency of language called for certain criteria. Because of these