Language Development of Deaf Children

It is very necessary to make these children understand the context of messages or languages spoken to them in order to make the children progress in their lives (Harris, pp. 95). For meeting the purpose, it is mandatory to consider a number of significant factors that help the deaf children and students with their impairment. One substantial factor that becomes even more important while teaching deaf children is the development of language.As deaf children are unavailable to hear and understand the language and messages spoken to them in a natural or direct manner. They cannot acquire the language from their environment like other children. Therefore, it is very essential to develop certain processes that help deaf children in acquiring language and developing effective communication skills. There are certain different techniques and tools that help deaf students and children in acquiring language (Harris, pp. 59-66). These methods depend upon factors such as the family and home environment of children, what method do the children find more comfortable, and the inclination of the family towards different approaches and methods. Language development is a very significant and important factor. researchers regard the process as one of the most crucial factors that determine the future of deaf students with respect to their literacy and lingual learning.Language development among children of different ages does not always work the same way. Many deaf students acquire the language earlier than the other students do. Researches (Harris, pp. 39-42) have shown certain reports that clearly signify the factors differentiating the capability of deaf children in acquiring language. This differentiating factor is the age at which, deaf children and students get the introduction of the methods of acquiring language. Studies (Hoff, pp. 29-31) have indicated that the starting period of six months is the most substantial period in the language development of deaf as well as hearing children. Therefore, the major consideration should be making the deaf children exposed to the language as much as possible in this period.