Land cruiser vs nissan patrol

Extensively, the Toyota Land Cruiser performs its road tests in the Australian road conditions. With time, the Toyota land Cruiser’s popularity has spread globally (O’Kane 2010).A Nissan Motors, a Japanese-based company, make the Nissan Patrol 4WD. In Japan, it is known as the Nissan Safari. In Japan, it is still referred to as the Nissan Safari even if its production stops in the year 2004. During the early 1960s, the actor of the film ‘Cowboy’ liked the vehicle incredibly that he was offered a Nissan 4WD by the automaker in return for his backing. By 1964, the model cost approximately $1,616 (leppard 2008).By the 1960s, the vehicle was utilized as a military vehicle specifically in the Middle East and South Asia. Primarily, the patrol was a transport vehicle used by the Indian army in the late 1960s and early 1970s. At the Indian plant where it was assembled, it was named Jonga. The United Nations agencies in addition utilized the Patrol. The Patrol enjoys a recommendable popularity in numerous countries in the Middle East, also the United Arab Emirates. The design is now accessible with entertainment equipment, keyless start and other impressive features (leppard 2008).When launched in 2010, the carmaker made it public that they will continue producing the older generation alongside the new generation ones. The best of them all in touring is the Nissan 4WD model. The 2010 model came as a 5-doors design, along with 4.8-litre inline 6-cylinder engine as average, and the 5-speed automatic choice, with tiptronic or the 5-speed manual. In the middle 2011, a 3-door short-wheelbase design was availed with similar drivetrain, as the 2012 design (leppard 2008). The patrol contains the interior modern features like wood trim, cd/mp3 stereo, fog lamps, cloth upholstery, manual a/c 16-inch wheel, and other apparatus (leppard 2008).The Toyota has three, 4WD land cruiser model, but there is one that is