Joint Ventures BP and Rosneft

He added that BP was not safe and that they would look for ways to harass it. Browder also criticized the BP head Bob Dudley for striking a deal in Russia, given that he disappeared in 2008 after a disagreement with the company’s oligarch partnership in the previous joint venture TNK-BP (Saloner, Shepard, amp. Podolny, 2001).Drivers for the Joint VentureThe expected regional position from this alliance is another reason I chose to evaluate this joint venture. The alliance will indisputably give way for more doors for BP, mostly within Russia, which is a key region in the oil and gas sector (Dess amp. Miller, 1993). The expected deal will permit one of the largest firms in the world to the experience it requires to break into the marketplace significantly and ensure its long time exploration of the widespread energy, and untapped hydrocarbon reserves that are therein. The deal strategically appears very positive for BP because it substitutes a private partner for a tactical national company that has bigger access to properties in Russia and has better political backing in this country.The two firms experience a mutual benefit from signing and completing the suggested deal. Rosneft stands to benefit a lot from the international trademark and presence of BP. It will definitely exploit its contributions to implementing more competent and innovative projects and raise its position as an oil and gas specialist (Hunger amp. Wheelen, 1996). BP has a huge supply of expertise in both engineering and technology.