Jailed Mothers and their Children in School

The ordinary and average mom wakes up early in the morning to make breakfast for the schooling kids, prepare their things before the yellow bus arrives and send them off to safety. Owing to the dynamics of the strength of this bind, separating the child from the mommy will devastate, dislocate and disorient the life of the former while causing pain and unbearable sorrow to the latter. Incarceration is among the causes of the split.&nbsp.
Kids are deeply affected by the traumatic experience of their mothers being sent to jail. They feel left out or develop that frame of mind where they blame themselves for the unfortunate and sorry plight of the parent. The embarrassment and stigma brought about by the jailing of their mothers are significantly imprinted on the minds of these young people. Resultant of these circumstances, the subject children tend to have emotional and behavioral predicaments including a poor showing in school. They are also vulnerable to becoming juvenile delinquents or drug addicts or both. They become figures themselves in the criminal justice system just like their parents who are mostly black or Latino. (Edelman, Marian Wright: Mothers Rocking the Prison Cradle. Politics. The Huffington Post. June 23, 2008. All Bronx News, All the Time! [internet]. Accessed on July 29, 2009. Available at http://bronxnews.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/mothers-rocking-the-prison-cradle/)
Disconnected from their mothers due to detention or imprisonment, the usual scenario for the abandoned children is that they are entrusted to the custody of a foster care of the government or of their kin. This situation results to these kids having difficulties in focusing on their studies in school. They find it hard to relate to their classmates and develop a sense of isolation. They also tend to have emotional shortcomings.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.