The human resource manager is a very vital part of the company he follows and keeps updates on all aspects of a company and its staff right from the time they apply for a job till the time they get hired. They keep checks on any and all training and development that is necessary and make all necessary amendments. The question these days has come about regarding the necessity of human resource departments and managers. And the similar curiosity as to whether there is actual need for a separate department or not It is also common wondering whether the role of the human resource manager is a specialist role or can it and should it be fulfilled by a line manager. Human resource is a very vital part of all organizations. They are responsible for the efficient and effective management of the Human capital. The main functions of Human resource managers are tracking the data points of each and every employee and staff member. Along with tasks such as selection, placement payroll and evaluation. In order to make a reduction in the excessive work load of these activities organizations started to employ individuals to handle these specific areas and thus there came the human resource departments. And these days with technology at its peak these tasks are also being taken care of by automated computer based programs. Making it possible for the work of three separate human resource managers to be done by one that too with the click of a mouse key. This is the reason that the questions stated earlier regarding the need for HR departments have started coming up.
In an attempt to answer the above stated questions, I would first like to state that Human resource management is a full department which comprises of not one but several individuals all known and Human resource managers. Human resource managers are all trained and equipped with knowledge in various fields and each possess specialized training in a certain field or industry and together they take care of training areas such as:
That is a process of training and guiding new staff members by either doing it personally or assigning new members and potential candidates to already existing staff members in order to let them gain on the job learning and training.
This is also a form of training where individuals receive hands on training and experience in their respective fields, before they are sent to take over their respective duties.
Human resource departments and managers are responsible providing opportunities of professional growth and development for all existing staff members. This is done by providing new courses and seminars along with workshops so that staff members can be kept up to date with changing trends in their respective fields.
This is a very important area in human resource management. This is an aspect which allows the opportunity of hiring well rounded and highly motivated employees. This aspect requires the human resource manager being able to identify and see exactly where and what other talents are possessed by the various hired staff members and how they can be used and employed to achieve the maximum amount of employee output and company benefit.
Skill management and talent management are interlinked qualities and it is the responsibility of all human resource ma