My reasons for applying to this program thus emerge because of today’s growing focus on technology. Without knowledge of computers and technology, most businesses will not have an edge. In fact, they will probably fail. Since I want to be able to develop good business strategies that will compete in the modern world, I feel that combining these two subjects will give me the foundations necessary to achieve my goals.
In order to develop through my coursework and achieve my goals, I feel that there are a few critical skills that I must seek out. First, I feel that I need to have a good understanding of website design. I would like to develop a solid knowledge of what I need to do to put a business online so that the business can run itself in the virtual sphere. On top of this, I feel it will be important for me to study business and computer law, so that I understand the law limitations depending on the state to state interactions, and how this may affect having an online and traditional business. I also feel that a solid understanding of computer databasing will also come into play because that will allow me to keep track of my online business information with ease.
I would like to seek a Bachelor of Science program, mainly because of the computer skills I will need to accumulate in order to make my business a success. I thus feel that a solid foundation of scientific skills will be necessary for achieving this goal. Furthermore, I would like to pursue 12 hours of culture courses, because as a businessperson, I feel that a solid understanding of culture in the world, especially since the Internet and computers have made this such a globalized world, would help me with the success I wish to focus on. For my Bachelor of Science, I feel that I can complete 12 hours of science courses because much of the science today applies to computers, and I feel this would give me good knowledge and backing of what I need for my solid computer skills.