Introduction to Business and Management

To fulfill the goals, the HR department has various functions that are delegated to it. First, it has the responsibility of hiring new talent to fill specific spots in the organization. This is one of the most important roles of the HR department because it helps an organization in acquiring a set of skills that it requires. This comes with other objectives that include retention, which is determined by how the HR department treats the employees. The right set of skills is responsible for raising an organization’s profile and even in acquiring a competitive strategy. Second, the HR department trains and develops the employees. Following recruitment, this department trains the employees to acquire skills for performing in various segments of the organization. The HR department also plays the role of compensating the employees according to performance. Rewarding systems are developed according to organizations where some allow employees to suggest the rewards they would like while others are dictated. This department also has other roles such as determining salaries, dismissal, and safety of employees (Mayhew &amp. Demand Media, 2015).
Being a multinational business, Tesco should use online and social media recruitment as its key external recruitment method and emails as internal recruitment methods. External recruitment methods such as online recruitment have a key advantage of providing a wide pool of qualified individuals to choose from. In addition, this gives the organization a new set of skills and it is affordable because social media is free for most entities.&nbsp.As a recommendation, when looking for a new set of skills, Tesco should use online advertising due to the advantages. However, if the organization decides to simplify the procedure and embark on internal recruitment, the best method to use is emails.