Informative summary

Lecturer The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved The sports article was ed in 1970, by Hunter Thompson, during the derby in Louisville. The article initially appeared In the Scanlan’s Monthly issue, for June 1970. The article also made the initial appearance in the gonzo magazine. The author used writing style that was continuously funny, entirely uncensored, and also outrageous. The Gonzo style applied by Thompson, is a form of creative non-fiction. The truth is stretched appropriately, just to make it appear believable. Gonzo authors ignore subjectivity and apply themselves as first person narrative, to illustrate fiction. I got off the plane around midnight and no one spoke as I crossed the dark runway to the terminal. this quotation shows how the author applies the first person narrative in the literary work. The literary work also greatly illustrates substance abuse, especially alcohol and drugs. The influence of the substances enables the characters to illustrate an altered perspective or viewpoint. Jimbo discourages the author from taking non-alcoholic products in the lounge. He illustrates that the derby is an enjoyable which requires high levels of fun. hence, alcohol is desirable. The author applies the quote, Goddam, we gotta educate this boy. Get him some good whiskey… to explain the preference of alcoholic drinks during sports events. The author illustrates a cultural and sporting event in the story. The derby is a cultural event which occurs on an annual basis. Very many people participate in the event as supporters. The author went to the event to report of the occurrences. Kentucky is a region with a huge population of Native Americans, and sporting and recreational events form a great part of their culture. The author also illustrates racial discrimination instances within the Kentucky society. The FBI says busloads of white crazies are coming in from all over the country… is a quote that negatively describes the Americans who are white. This derogatively illustrates the white social group in the American society. A lot of slang language is applied in the literary work. The quote Money is a good thing to have in these twisted times illustrates a slang phrase used to describe a national economy which is poorly performing. The story also uses the irony literary style. If I had any money Id invest it in the stock market. And the market, meanwhile, continued its grim slide. the quote illustrates an individual investing in poorly performing sector of the economy. The likely scenario is that the investor in a poorly performing stock exchange will lose the financial capital used. A lot of imagery and visualization has been applied to enhance the effectiveness of the story. The participants and supporters during the derby are illustrated in caricature form. I thought my brother was going to tear your head off. the quotation illustrates images of disagreements and violence. Thompson used a lot of literary elements in the story. The styles were very unique, and this resulted in the development of the unpredictable gonzo literally style.Work Cited