Information Technology in Healthcare

As the paper highlights obtaining images of X-ray from Radiology Information System (RIS) a component of eHealth requires access to the site. An x-ray taken today can be shared and deliberated as soon as it is available electronically.&nbsp.
From this research it is clear that& obtain x-ray image from PACS, a client of physician should have correct credentials for the search. Firstly, the client establishes network connection with PACS server. Second step involves preparing C-MOVE or C-GET request message through filling C-MOVE requisition, which should be matched with those in the server. The request is sent and a feedback is given in a list of DICOM attributes. From the feedback, the client extract images. Often takes approximately less than 10 minutes depending on the network strengths. The major errors encountered when getting images from EHR includes patient identification errors. These errors occur as a result of incorrect information is used to link an individual to an action. It causes a mismatch between patient and the care plan. Another error occurs during patient journey, and as a result repetition of images may occur. Lastly, the flow of patient identification mismatch occurs at the initial stage of data entry. When using PACs, the common errors is the hanging protocol display, which causes retrieving of images to take unnecessarily longer. Since the images are not organized by default, identification and processing of images may result in misalignment, which is a potential error.&nbsp.