Influences of Technology on Children Development



Presently, children are immersed in technology. Many children today, envisioning life without technological gadgets is like living in the senior generation, and it is difficult for kids to imagine living in the aged generation. This is because technology has eased all aspects of life. However, in spite of increased use of technology among children, technology has both positive and negative influences which if not observed well, can lead to immorality all over the modern children. It is therefore because of this reason that this study is aimed at discussing influences of modern technology on the children development (Internet, cell phones, TV). Technology refers to advancement in scientific knowledge utilized for practical purposes, mainly in industry. Modern technology is usually accredited to the Internet, cell phone, computers and television among others. The entire above mentioned are summarized as a civilization that is swift, communication-rich, information and on the screen. For that reason, it is difficult for children today to imagine a life without computers, the Internet and cell phones. Numerous researchers have, thus, differed concerning the effects of technology on the growth of contemporary kids (Gross, 2011). Some believe that technology is the advanced level of human life while others contend that technology has diverse effects on brain development. Albeit these contentions, technological advancement has its demerits as children are doing more of listening, watching and surfing devoid of guidance from their parents. All the above-mentioned devices are taken for granted by numerous people, specifically kids.