Importance of the Development of the Nuclear Power for Belina

Our main problem which we face is the electricity, which is not at all available there as the site is out of the way of Belina and there seems to be no connection there. This is an important issue as more factories will come our way when we install electricity. You, the government, have received bids already for these instalments.
In this report, I will tell you why is it important to respond to these bids and how I will also suggest that we install these new systems and get new qualified modern people who will teach our people about what is happening in the world of technology today.

Let me start by giving a few details of the location and what are its pluses and minuses at the moment. the location are the two main towns which are close together but the main problem as mentioned before is the energy supply(electricity).the electrical supply which is needed to generate the supply is around 1 GW and that too just to begin with obviously later on the need would be more. Belina itself has very good natural resources available to itself which I feel can be used now .also Belina is situated in the sub-Saharan side of Africa where natural resources are extremely good and to generate electrical energy we need these resources.
Even though the airfield is a bit limited for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo there is a place for the planes to land and take-off which would help us in getting supplies to set up the electricity. Near the two towns there is also a ridge which has an adequate amount of cooling water available at these sites, also a strong wind is there most of the year, the geologists which have visited these sites say that offshore Belina is a very good coverage of the gas fields and also agriculture land which lies around 20 miles inland of the towns which are large and still undeveloped.