Importance of Following Rules and Regulations

The Importance of Following Rules and Regulations Human society is characterized by the following of certain rules and regulations. Many of those are unwritten social codes that are learned in childhood from older children and from adults. These unwritten rules are necessary as a basis for living together harmoniously in groups. The individual learns to suppress his or her individual needs and wishes in order to participate in group activities and work towards group goals. This basic behavior extends also into the complex written rules and regulations which we have in modern society. It is very important that we have these, and that people follow them. The rules are appointed for the benefit of all by a higher command. This allows the experience of experts to be brought into the lives of inexperienced people. Each person can position himself or herself more easily within a clear and consistent framework. This requirement to take up a position and follow rules and regulations is most obvious in the military. The Navy, for example, as part of the United States government, establishes its own requirements for all its staff to follow. It has a high level of responsibility, and the only way to guarantee that this responsibility is carried out, is to ensure that the command chain is observed. The rules allow the senior officers to steer all members in the required direction. The importance of command is that it guides and helps the members to uphold the rules. It must ensure that this happens, and that any errors or omissions are followed up and corrected. At times the rules may seem to make little sense to junior members of the Navy, but the main point of the command system is to train everyone in following the rules with professionalism and discipline. This is what marks out the military from civilian life and it can mean the difference between life and death in some situations. The service operates as a tightly controlled unit, and this is why it is important to follow its rules and regulations.