Implication of the National Innovation System in China

Innovation is born when there are interactions at all the levels among&nbsp.the individuals and organizations and the governments usually have a major influence on the innovations via the finances that they avail and the developments of institutions of further learning that will impact the knowledge on the people. The governments then require an outline that covers the concepts and an experimental basis that will gauge if and how their contribution of the public policy to the total innovation of the nation could be made better than it is (Hertog,&nbsp.P., Remøe,&nbsp.S., &amp. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2001, p. 4).
China has made advancements in a lot of things and competes with the US in a number of sectors and also in the military innovations in that they have developed new ways in which their military personnel will get ready and fight in a war so that they win it in a way that is modern. They have also made strides in the development of hardware and software technology for their organizations and also for the individual consumer in a world of innovation that can either be slow or fast and these innovations can happen at the same time or in a specified sequence (Cheung, 2013, p.188).
The Chinese government employed the use of the foreign direct investment in the ’90s with the intention of stimulating the rate of economic development and the achievement in the attracting the foreign business to start there is in contrast to their own state-owned enterprises that are in debt (Chen,&nbsp.2011, p. 145).
Even though all this that is going on is good for the investors, the unique characteristics of these environments and the implications that will&nbsp.come out of it are still hazy for many of the investors that want to invest there (Strange, 1998, p. 1). These unique characteristics that the business environment holds come up as the core reasons that make the people that are interested in business in China hold up the ideas that they have of dealers and suppliers.