Immigration Policy

Immigration Policy Reforming Immigration In The US To Ensure Economic Growth Immigration is one of the most challenging issuesfacing the US in the modern dispensation. Every year the federal government presents individuals with visas to gain entry into the US yet the motivation for such actions have always proven counterproductive. The federal government has been under pressure to reform the immigration sector to ensure that people coming to the US have the necessary technical abilities capable of propelling key sectors of the economy to growth (Kramer, 2014). Promoting growth within certain sectors of the American economy is a good reason for the federal government to engage in immigration reforms. The essence and necessity of reforming the immigration sector in the US cannot be overemphasized. Most of the immigrants in the US fall short of the technical competence and skills required to ensure growth (Flannery, 2014). The immigration reforms should focus on providing visas to individuals who have the skills in engineering, science and other technical areas as a consequence of ensuring productivity. Most sectors of the American economy depend on the people who have technological and innovative skills capable of redefining growth in key sectors of the economy (Kramer, 2014). Unfortunately, most of the immigrants in the US are less productive and more established in the informal sectors other than the mainstream economical zones. Growth is directly correlated to the technical ability and skills of individuals in various sectors. Statistics have shown that scientists, engineers and programmers are responsible for growth that have been experienced in the US over the past few years (Kramer, 2014). It is, therefore, important to reform the immigration to ensure that skilled individuals are given a priority in terms of visa presentation. ReferencesFlannery, N.P. (2014, March 24). Can corporate leaders push through immigration reform in 2014? Forbes. Retrieved from .Kramer, H. (2014, February 11). How immigration reform or lack thereof is hurting our economic competitiveness. Forbes. Retrieved from