Identify Key Technological Influences On the Internationalisation Process

This essay stresses that if a company needs to decide the strategy to be used to help it improve the overall move and internationalisation process then the company requires to have the available knowledge to do so. Information overload is a high issue that is being faced by most professionals. Intelligent agent is a related technology, which provides a chance to roam networks and selectively refer users to information that would prove to be useful and beneficial. However, it is clear that the best intelligent agent is a human being by himself. It is obvious that computers are useful in KM as they do not slow down the learning, but help the KM to be more efficient and effective in order to support learning to a greater extent.This paper makes a conclusion that the main aspect and factors that affect the internationalisation of any business is the knowledge that is shared within the organisation and the ability of the company to transfer the data and raw information into understandable knowledge. Based on this, it is essential to understand that KM can be improved not only based on the amount of money spent on it but also a great deal of focus is required to be on the efforts of the management process. It is safe to say that knowledge has already grown largely and it has become one of the most essential aspects of any business. It has become a major driver and money is now slowly phasing out of the scene and as the old saying of ‘Knowledge is king’, is now being put to use in almost every industry and every company across the world.