Hypothetical Designs



Research design involves some basic steps which are discussed below. Research study can be exploratory, descriptive, hypothesis testing or just a case study analysis. The nature of the study basically depends on the fact that to which stage has knowledge of the researcher advanced. while conducting the research. Exploratory studies are for example conducted on issues that are relatively new, aiming at gaining more generic information without solving any problems. When a researcher has decided which type of research he wants to conduct, than he decides some other important variables which are part of research design e.g. Time horizon, sampling design, unit of analysis, data collection method, measurements, study settings, extent of researcher interference, types of investigations. The design can also be judged by type of assignment of samples. If random assignments are made it is experimental design, non-random is non-experimental design and it is quasi design if it has non-random assignment but all other ingredients of an experimental design.