The mysterious results of hypnosis have led people to ask whether learning can be improved by it. At present, the answers to this question are inconclusive.

It appears that a person, or subject, can be induced to recall elaborate instructions and “suggested” knowledge upon being brought out of hypnosis. The total process is usually time consuming, however, and to a certain extent is also tiring to the subject. The quantity of material that can be learned while fully conscious is greater than that learned under hypnosis for a given time. Factual material can be strongly impressed upon the subconscious mind, and answers to specific questions can be brought forth. But up to now, the true educational process, as we know it, is not duplicated by hypnotic suggestion.

Later when it comes to mentally reworking the material a subject has learned by hypnosis, we are dealing with a different matter. Here the conscious mind is employed, and some profit is assured, as in any conscious study, But until more is known about hypnosis, it is a learning method of extremely doubtful value. Moreover, it should not be practiced by amateurs.

One possible use of hypnosis is worth scientific research. That is the overcoming of personality traits which may be interfering with study. Again, this is a job for professional psychologists in increasing our knowledge to the point where hypnosis can smooth out personal problems, rather than simply submerge them. The writer, an amateur hypnotist with no little experience, has shelved his talent until the experts provide better knowledge about it.

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