How Does Paid Employment Affect Your Identity

Basically, the purpose of learning organizational behavior is motivated by curiosity. The study helps an individual in order to get inside the organizing processes to reveal the different organizational patterns that eventually make an organization understandable. The study of organizational behavior helps to analyze the complicated situations prevailing within the organizations and also to create useful means in order to handle those difficult situations (Robbins &amp. Judge, 2009).
In order to recognize the different perception of organizational behavior, initially, it is necessary to understand the concept of organizational behavior. ‘Organisational behavior’ is the study of an individual’s activity in the organizational environment along with their interactions within the organization (Delta Publishing Company, 2006).
In this connection, there are different views available in order to understand organizational behavior. From the classical organization view, organizational behavior is mainly concerned with forming the organizations effectively. The other valuable perception of getting an idea upon organizational behavior is the contingency viewpoint. In the early days of management studies, the managers did not have any responses for their various organizational issues. Eventually, the managers recognized that most of the conditions and the results are contingent in nature (Delta Publishing Company, 2006).
The Purpose of Work and Entrepreneurial Identity
The purpose of work which is duly performed by the employees of any organization lies in their sources of income through which they enhance their livelihood and maintain the minimum standard of living. However, the various consumption studies identify the relation between work identity and work culture that is prevailing within the organization (Anderson, 2003).