Home safety assessmeny

Home Safety Assessment Home Safety Assessment A I live in 3 bedroom apartment with a balcony on fifteenth floor.
B My house has one big bedroom and two small bedrooms. The house has also a small kitchen which is adjacent to a small dining area in living room. Apart from having large shelves for keeping books, the house has also large hanging wardrobes. It has also a small toilet and a large complete bathroom. The balcony and the corridor of the house are also small.
C My household constitute of seven members. father, mother, I, my younger brother, a younger brother to my brother, my younger sister, and my youngest sister.
D The walking path to my residence is clear of any biological or physical element that can jeopardize the safety of my family members.
E Kitchen/Dining room
i Children may drink the un-diluted juice placed on the kitchen cabinet which is harmful to digestion system.
ii Children may joke with the cookers and as a result get severe burns.
iii There is not any physical or biological hazard that can jeopardize the safety of home members in this room.
F Living room/Family room
i The bottle of water on the floor may cause slippage that may result to a fatal fall (Jeschke and Wolf 36).
G Sleeping areas/bedrooms
i The content in the bottles may be consumed by children and as a result hamper with their health. The children may fall them while playing leading to their breakage. broken bottles can cause severe cuts.
ii Loose electric wires can cause electric shocks to the children.
iii The enclosed lotion on a shelf may be eaten by children and as a result cause gastrointestinal complications.
H Bathrooms
i Children may consume accidentally the lotions left in the bathroom.
ii Children may joke with the hanging towels and as result get in contact with microorganisms.
iii Children may slip and hurt themselves in the bathroom pool.
iv Toothpaste, fresheners and reagents. children may consume them accidentally causing a various health problem (Stellman 107).
v Toilet broom can keep microorganisms that cause diseases such as diarrhea.
I Storage areas
i A storage shelve in the toilets have reagents that can hamper with health safety of children if consumed accidentally.
ii The cupboard in the sitting room has heavy things such as books, bottles and carvings that may fall on children while they are playing.
iii Children may consume foods stored in the fridge while cold, and as a result develop health complications.
J Balcony
i The chair in balcony can jeopardize with children’s safety. children may climb on that chair when viewing the surrounding and accidentally fall of from it.
K Basement
i The low temperature at the basement as well as the smell of the oil spills has the potential to cause health hazard to my family members.
L The presence of a chair in the balcony as well as unenclosed reagents has the greatest potential of jeopardizing with the safety of my household members. The children in my household are ever active and curious, and as a result of these it is evident that their safety is at risk.
M I have decided to ensure that the door to the balcony is ever closed when an adult is not around. I also lock all reagents and lotions in their respective shelves after and before use. To prevent children from being burnt, I will ensure that the kitchen is always under key and lock when all adults are out of home.
N This evaluation assignment has enabled me realize that there are a lot of things that we do ignore in our respective homes that are very detrimental to our own health. It has also made learn the essence of ensuring everything is well stored at home so as to reduce the health hazard incidents.
Works Cited
Jeschke, Mark and Wolf, Steven. Handbook of Burns Volume 1: Acute Burn Care. New York: Springer Science &amp. Business Media, 2012. Print.
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Items to be addressed
Items evaluated
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Inspection Report Evaluation Form
The teacher will place a check mark in column 1, 2, 3, or 4 in reading/evaluating the students inspection report. The numbers indicate the following:
1. Student addressed the criterion as directed.
2. Student did not address criterion as directed.
3. Specified criterion does not apply.
4. Student response is unclear and or inadequate.

A. Provides general description of residence
Describes size of rooms and lists all units in the
C. Lists all members of the household
D. Describes/reports on entrance to residence
E. Reports on kitchen/dining area
F. Reports on living room/family room
G. Reports on sleeping areas/bedroom(s)
H. Reports on bathroom(s)
Reports on storage areas/closet(s)
Reports on porch, patio, balcony, or terrace
Reports on basement, attic, garage
L. Identifies two serious hazards to safety
Identifies who is at greatest risk and explains why
M. States how hazard can be reduced or eliminated
N, Writes summary statement
O. Provides cover page for report
P. Attaches the Inspection Report Evaluation Form
Q. Spelling and grammar
R. Submits report by deadline