History Discussion

History Discussion
The 1924 Immigration Act is one thing that was a very good step by the government of USA. In my opinion limiting the number of people coming to the country was a thoughtful thing as it could help many people from our own country establish themselves in a much better way. It was just after the wartime period and many people were coming back themselves and they did not have jobs. This jobless situation was the worst thing that could have happened. When there is the scarcity of jobs, people steal, kill and commit heinous crimes. The Immigration Act, in my opinion, was one very effective way to curtail the possible hazards that could occur in the society (Murray, 2008).
The countries had just got rid of wars and they were picking up what was left behind. There were many people who had plans to travel to the nations that had been victorious in the war for better economic opportunities. For instance, I had once met an Italian, who was a businessman in his own country but the issues had aggravated and he had to leave everything behind. He made the decision to travel to the USA, because he knew he could get some kind of job be it small or daily wages type. This kind of attitude from the immigrants endangered the natives of the country. Immigrants had determination and fire in their bellies to establish themselves anyhow. For that, they were willing to even sleep on streets, but they wanted to improve their economic situation. This attitude made them a more willing labor. This also created issues for the natives of USA as they could not get higher wages and in most cases, they also lost jobs. The reason being the immigrants were willing to work in much lesser wages and at the same time, they were okay with whatever facilities were being provided to them and had no whims and fancies. I myself asked for a raise in salary and was told that if I wanted I could easily leave the job because the company could hire two immigrant accountants in my place (Ngai &amp. Gjerde, 2013).
Immigrants were making the job situation worse and were also creating the unhygienic environment as can be read in the book by Madison Grant, in which he talks about racial hygiene. It was important that such a law by the government be passed so that the natives could get their rights. The law will help us in establishing better economic situation. The people who were involved in the passing of the law felt that if immigration was not curtailed then Americans will lose their superiority as well as individuality. Their culture will be merged and will lose the uniqueness. I for one, also second the decision as this will help strengthen America through its own race, rather than a borrowed help from the immigrant workers. The quota system made sure that not just anyone looking for greener patches could travel and start living in the USA but people who were highly educated and could benefit the country in a much more advanced way were welcome (Spickard, 2012).
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