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Health Science and Medicine Q Recently an E.coli outbreak has been reported and confirmed by the CDC. The outbreak has been linked to Chipotle chain of restaurants. According to the CDC, the case of food contamination has resulted in forty-five cases of illness across six states. Sixteen of the known cases have led to the individuals affected being hospitalized. The outbreak was first announced at the start of this month and was only linked to eleven restaurants in Washington and Oregon. After further research and based on laboratory tests, the CDC announced that the illness or outbreak can be confirmed in Minnesota, California, Ohio, and New York. According to epidemiological evidence, a standard meal item or ingredient served at the chain restaurants is responsible for the outbreak. The chain management said that they are tracking the handling of their ingredients from the farmer to the restaurant to ensure all standards were followed and improved. The cases of microbial contamination of food are out of control and can be scary hence individuals are advised to cautious. One way of protecting oneself from this situation is through consuming home cooked foods and avoiding manufactured or packaged food (CNN 2015).
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According to reports, ninety-four percent of soybeans and seventy-two percent of corn grown in the country are genetically engineered. This is done for them to be able to withstand Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide or glyphosate. A study done in 2008 established a link between Roundup and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. An early study made a connection between high rates of DNA damage in populations that had been aerially sprayed. This shows there is a valid reason for concern about GMO foods and the health impacts. Further environmental concerns have also been raised. On is that, because a majority of GMO crops are engineered to withstand certain types of herbicides, targeted weeds are becoming highly resistant to the herbicides. This means that more of the toxic chemicals have to be used to fight them. Based on the amount evidence presented, environmental concerns seem to be more valid but this is not to say health concerns should be ignored.
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