Hard work vs hardly working

Task Introduction Hard work is ascribed to prosperity with regard to many experiences in daily lives. American Dream has ample emphasis on working hard in order to realize true happiness thus presenting the notion that success comes due to hard work. Partly, the statement is true depending on the social situations for the persons undertaking hard work to achieve triumph and happiness. Despite the actuality, that people have managed to be successful in their undertakings, certain factors that offer them an edge ought to be present.The American Dream was constructed on the foundation that the country had classless individuals even if this cannot be considered factual (Schnella 3). The social structure offers people an edge over other individuals undertaking similar tasks. Therefore, the social structure has greater influence on the garner that emanate from hard work for selected individuals. People fitting in the upper social division have the greatest possibility of becoming triumphant in their undertakings, since they have support in terms of disposable resources that they have to utilize to realize their goals.Similarly, middle-class individuals bear similar advantages although the level is lower compared, to the upper class. However, the lower-class individuals though working tirelessly have little chances of success due to limitations in the available resources. Over the years, the social class has created greater distinction making it intricate for lower -class individuals to become triumphant. Basing American Dream on classless country can only be considered ignorance as classes have always been in existence since the earlier years (Schnella 3).In addition, the upper and middle -class individuals who offer objections control most activities. towards improvement of the lower-class individuals given that, they offer competition. Therefore, hard work has to be coupled with social class, in order, to ensure unending triumph, since it allows people to have greater access to different resources that are available within their social structure. However, people have managed success without various resources although it offers numerous challenges. Therefore, it becomes hard for a lower-class person to achieve true happiness and if they manage, they are considered to have lived the American Dream.Work CitedSchnella, Hildegard. The America Dream. Munchen: GRIN Verlag, 2010. Internet source.