GreenZone The Movie

However, it became apparent that the weapons of mass destruction that was being searched for by the American army were never found. The green zone movie can therefore be described as a reality movie since it tells a real story about the America and Iraq conflict (Mowle, 7). However, other scholars and movie analyst have argued on the contrary. The production of this movie first was initiated in Spain, then to Morocco and was first released in Russia and Australia in the year 2010 during the month of March and later was available in America after few days of release. According to Mowle, (9), the movie does not refer to the invasion by the American troops into Iraq but it demonstrates the several attacks that the American government had done to the countries to the east which includes Iraq and the Afghanistan as well as the intension of the American government to attack some of the nations to the east in search of weapons of mass destruction. It is important to note that nuclear weapons has been one of the America’s big issue of concern for the security of the world. The weapons of mass destruction posses a security threat to the U.S. government and the other western nations and Europe. According to, the movie therefore demonstrates how America has begun and the overall intension and objective of America to destroy all weapons of Mass destruction. However, the fact remains that it is one of the current movies that tells the recent American experiences in the war in Iraq. Greene zone has also received certain political interpretation from different people who have viewed it as a political tool that was meant to harm the American government. According to Scott, the movie is an anti American movie and does not reflect the true experiences of the soldiers in the war. Others have also argued that is an antiwar and hence it does not reflect a sincere picture of what the American soldiers experienced in Iraq. The character of Miller forms the basis of these arguments by the political interpreters of this movie. This is because of his rogue activities and disobedient to the government which is described in the movie as being corrupt. The movie represents the corrupt pentagon through the character of Kinnear and hence the political side view of this movie asserts that the government did not play its role in the search for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In this context, the movie seeks to send to the minds of Audiences how the government forced an attack which was not important. Others have however contradicted these arguments stating that the movie main themes to outline the mistakes that the American government made before they could actually authorize the attacks on Iraq and the attitude of the soldiers towards such attack. However as stated by Scott, the political controversies cannot be described as irrelevant or relevant. In this context, it is noticeable that the government through pentagon made mistakes before authenticating the war against Iraq. Gonzales who is one of the people involved in the war and whom the character of Miller is based has put everything straight. Gonzales has argued that the political controversies are meaningless and the reactions from political interpreters are inappropriate. According to Scott, Gonzales was one of the technical persons in the processing