In other words, Greenpeace has a reputation of an organization that is not afraid to take bold actions in order for the society to change its current perspective on the relationships with nature. In the case that will be examined in this paper one is able to see the following situation: Greenpeace has been a long proponent of switching from harmful substances that are used in refrigerators to those that are environmentally friendly. Finally, it was able to success in it by finding a company that would be willing to introduce the changes. This marked the transition from a conflict based approach of promoting environmental values to an approach that relied on cooperation and reasoning. Nowadays, Greenpeace is known to have promoted its environmentally friendly coolant almost all over the world, excluding the United States. However, there is hope that one day it may change since large companies are many certain steps towards it.
To begin with, it may be rather useful to evaluate the tactics that was used by Greenpeace in the Greenfreeze campaign. First of all, one might mentioned that the organization in question tried to target the brand that directly interact with the consumers and, therefore, value their reputation. Indeed, this is a rather smart move since big industrial corporations never contact with people to whom they sell their product and they can hardly be influenced. On the other hand, big bands are willing to gain a competitive advantage by trying to attract their customers with the use of new environmentally friendly technologies (Kaufmann, 2014, p. 103). What is more important is that these brands are able to have a direct impact on the manufactures. so, by targeting them Greenpeace made a right choice. Another aspect of the strategy that should be mentioned is the fact that it promoted the technology worldwide by making sure that companies