Green and Gracious

greases from machinery and equipment, used or leftover paints containing heavy metals or organic solvents, used or spent lead-acid batteries, used explosive tool cartridge.The responsible person (engineer or supervisor) shall determine the volume of concrete, in addition to determining the last balance area, to be used before placing an order. A material wastage control form shall be attached while ordering concrete.The responsible person (engineer or supervisor) shall ensure that the quantity of rebar delivered is in conformance with the order. Sub-contractors shall use cut and bent rebar on site as far as practicable.Shelter must be erected at site for safe storage of pre-packed cement by prevention of direct contact with sunlight or rain water. The responsible person (supervisor) shall be responsible for monitoring the quantity ordered and delivered on site.The responsible person (ECO or SO) shall record waste disposal, and maintain and update the waste register at each project. Wastes such as steel, concrete, or wood shall be recycled for minimization of waste disposal. The responsible person (ECO, SO, HS, SS) shall inform the PM or PIC if any irregularities such as mixing of wastes are discovered.The responsible person (PM or PIC) shall initiate EHS non-conformance, corrective and preventive action, and other necessary action for prevention of recurrence when there is failure in reduction of materials.The responsible person (QS) shall review and update the material quantity schedule based on project progress, and forward the revised material quantity schedule to the concerned personnel for monitoring.Metal formwork that can be re-used for several projects shall be used. Formwork shall be supported by aluminium I beams and steel rectangular hollow sections instead of timber sections. Precast pre-tensioned slab or hollow core slab shall be used as an integral slab system that also acts as a formwork system.The responsible person (PM) shall