Go Out for Sports?

In the foreseeable future, physical education will continue to be required by most worthwhile colleges for the usual two-year period. The advantages of normal physical exercise are too numerous to mention. Few people can remain at their best with little or no exercise. A recent report suggests a direct connection between good mental health and vigorous daily exercise. The implication is that those who exercise are not likely to falter in their mental processes. My view is that it may be the reverse: Those who have good mental health are able to see the benefits of healthful exercise, and take to it energetically and voluntarily.

Major sports are very time-consuming. They also are physically tiring, requiring a full 8 hours or more for recovery from fatigue. In season, it is to be expected that studies will be neglected. In spite of this, some reports show that athletes do not usually fall far behind during the months they are competing in sports. Possibly this is due in part to the direct effect of total body efficiency. A healthy body and mind tend to go together. In part it may be due to the athlete’s realizing that studies may suffer, with a consequent closer and more faithful scheduling of study periods – a more conscientious attention to study in the periods not taken up by classes and practice, by the far-seeing athlete looking to the 45 years after college!

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