Globalization as a Political Phenomenon

This paper stresses that technology has also been globalized through education and training, where scientists and engineers take learn about new inventions and innovations, at times via platforms such as the internet. It, therefore, gives opportunity to participants globally, aiding them in developing and advancing the global tech world. It is therefore important for countries to participate where new opportunities arise, to be at per with the rest of the world. Also, since globalization has been adopted by almost every nation around the globe, it will be of great benefit for governments to come up with regulations and rules that will govern the world at a global level. This will in turn curb crisis experiences and damages that can be caused as a result of selfishness and greediness of some countries. In terms of politics, the assigned bodies, which are responsible for regulating and overseeing the overall political issues, should start to act and perform their duties adequately.
This essay makes a conclusion that economically, since globalization has influenced positively so far, organizations responsible for regulating it should stay put. They should also ensure there is equal opportunity distributed around so as to prevent future flaws and biasness. In terms of culture and socialization, countries that view themselves as of higher social status than the others should have regulation imposed on them. It will give opportunities to other countries with varying social and cultural status the opportunity to rise and probably offer the world a new insight altogether.