Running Head: Presentation of a Personal Case Study. Gestalt Therapy. College I am a twenty two male by the names xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from (home address). We live with my parents and siblings as well as two cousins in the same home. Currently I have no job and am mainly concentrating on studies but previously I volunteered at a community resource centre where I assisted in the centre’s programs focusing on the youth. Characteristics that I can say are outstanding include being introverted and less outgoing. I don’t hang out with friends long and am very selective in terms of the friends I interact with and I don’t open up to friends on personal issues. I started thinking a lot a few months ago and was diagnosed with depression, I was put on prescription depression drugs to improve my mood but this has not changed. The problem has compounded as I tend to look down at myself and in fact am not taking the depression drugs any longer. This is the sole reason as to my decision to seek psychiatric therapy. The problem at the moment is presenting with characteristics which include having difficulties relating with other people even relatives, little satisfaction with myself as well as what other perceive me for. Am frequently having conflicts and this is further heightening the stress and life changes. The theory chosen for my problem is Gestalt therapy mainly because the theory focuses on individual awareness. Gestalt therapy emphasizes the importance of awareness and the method distinguishes acting, perceiving or feeling from interpretation and reshuffling of pre-existing attitudes. Dialogue of perspectives for both therapists and their patients is important and the focus is differences in terms of perspectives. The goal is the patient to be aware of what he is doing, how he is doing it, how to change and also learn to self value and accept. Focus is on whatever is taking place with emphasis on what the client is doing, thinking and feeling at the present moment. Basic concepts in the gestalt therapy include phenomenology, perspective, existential perspective, and dialogue between the client and therapist. Four types of dialogue are emphasized which are inclusion, commitment to dialogue presence and dialogue lived. For successful implementation of this therapy as a therapist I would focus on creating patience awareness of self, lead them to appreciate what is currently happening and how to change personal perception of self in order to value themselves better. The therapeutic relationship will entail a committed dialogue with the client without judgment. ensure contact with client which assures full support. The initial session will involve screening and finding out from the patient what is happening, what their fears are and what the imagination is like. Then I would move to helping them understand what is actually taking place, how they should react and how they should perceive self in a manner that is not derogatory. This will be followed by a session every week until when I see a positive outcome in the patient’s situation. The goals of therapy in the short term would be for the client to gain self awareness by understanding what is happening and forgetting what is not important for their well being. In the long term the patient should be able to learn how to deal with environment, accept what is happening and value himself. My case fits human concepts as we are social beings interacting with environment around and the theory teaches us to deal with the environment. In conclusion therefore gestalt therapy is one important aspect of psychiatric therapy. It helps clients gain self awareness focusing on constructive dialogue between the practitioner and his client as well as differences in perspectives between the two. The client should be able to gain awareness and value as well as accept himself. What is happening is important and not what was or might happen. References.Seligman, L. (2006). Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: Systems, Strategies, and Skills. (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Ltd.