Gender and Identity in Translation

No matter how economically strong a country is, women are never up to the shoulder of men and that there has always been either slight or extreme changes differentiating them ( addition to age, gender is one of the universal extent on which position differences are relied on. Gender has brought about a lot of different issues in the modern times as were present in the yesteryears. It goes to suggest that gender-related issues have formed the backbone of several different movements that have also entailed the racial subjects and the hot debates have narrowly been aimed at the respective topics now and then. Due consideration has also been placed on their incorporation in the different contexts and settings of the movements to bring about a change in the rational thinking and mindset of the people over time. There has been no such controversial issue in the policy of modern societies as gender. Male dominance is not a natural but cultural phenomenon made by the people around the world. From the beginning Women have always had a lower position than men, but the level of the gap between both the sexes diverge with cultures and time. Her right to the availabilities, her degree of autonomy, her class position, and allocation of gender-based responsibilities. result in the social powerlessness of women. Women, who comprise are included in half of the world’s population, do two-thirds of the world’s work, earn one-tenth of the world’s income and as a result get one-hundredth of the world’s property ( have of late been quite instrumental at defending their gender-related issues and it is because of these very women that the issues are highlighted now and then. Quite rightly so, the subjects under consideration should see the light of the day when concerted efforts are made in the proper and right direction.