Gays and Lesbians Raising Children

Advocators of human rights believe that they should even extend to homosexuals but when it comes to marriage, individuals tend to view the issue dubiously. Much of the criticism and fierce opposition to same-sex marriage is also due to a lot of misunderstanding on the general public’s part who believe that same-sex relationships are bound to fail, are shallow and not as true as other opposite-sex relationships. However, the question that arises is “Should same-sex relationships be given the right to adopt?”

The significance of this research question revolves around the fact that more and more same-sex couples are opting to adopt children. It remains to be determined whether they have the right to do so and if they do adopt, what will be the pros and cons of the situations on the adopted children and on society as a whole. As an individual belonging to a society that is a host to a variety of people, one ought to be interested in the outcomes of the issue as it will have huge social implications.

According to the Journal of Homosexuality (Harris, M.B., Turner, 1985), a survey of 23 male and female homosexual parents and 16 heterosexual single parents was conducted to determine whether the parents’ homosexuality created unusual problems or benefits or both, for their children. Both sets of parents reported relatively few serious problems and generally positive relationships with their children. Heterosexual parents made a greater effort to provide an opposite-sex role model for their children. Homosexual parents saw a number of benefits and fewer problematic issues for their children, with females gaining greater benefits than males.