Formal Writing Assignment

Among the many X-ray imaging equipment, this essay will focus on Optima XR 220amx mobile X-Ray System. It is manufactured by the GE Healthcare Company in the U.S. It is made of resilient materials that enable it to bear the weight of over 350lbs (GE HealthCare 2011, 14). It is square-shaped, and this allows easy positioning at all directions, either behind or beside the patients. Twin handles have been incorporated into the system to enhance its movement. (GE HealthCare 2011, 11).In radiation protection measures, the time of exposure, distance from the X-ray machine and shielding from the radiation are of core importance. The time of exposure to the rays should be minimal to prevent the effects of the X-rays. Both the medical practitioner handling the machine and the patient should spend minimal time in exposure to the radiation. Optima XR 220amx model is committed to offering high-clarity images at low-dose levels. Committed dose refers to the time integral of given dose rate in human tissue or organ over time. This accounts for the continuing exposures over long periods of time, for instance 25 or 45 years. It determines the exposure that one may receive from the radiation and the amount of radiation that will enter and stay in the body for many years. This translates to for instance, if one is prone to many exposures, for instance the radiologists, the minimal time they are to be exposed to the X-rays (3DX-Ray User Manual, 2005, 13).While using the Optima XR 220amx X-ray system, a safe distance of up to a meter should be maintained once the system has been charged and set to capture the images from the patients’ beds. All other persons but the patient should move away from the system, as to reduce their chances to exposure. There should be shielding from the radiation. Optima XR 220amx model provides this by coming with shielding equipment. This mobile shield is placed around the machine and the patient when capturing the images. The patient is