Wellness"This paper approves that wellness consists of the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical wellness. For example physical wellness is related to our daily activities and whether we do exercise on a daily basis. This involves aspects such as riding a bicycle at least 30 minutes a day, doing a walking routine or even doing the stairs at work instead of using the elevator. It also involves taking and maintaining healthy habits such as checkups, a balanced diet and exercise and staying away from bad habits such as tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
This essay makes a conclusion that this involves physical fitness together with nutrition and self drive which is easier with consistency in physical activity.
Attaining this kind of lifestyle involves eating a healthy diet that leads to reducing fat intake, sugars and sodium. A healthy diet consists of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. For meat, it’s recommended to take lean meats such as beef, lamb, fish and poultry and low fat and/or fat free dairy products. Processed and refined foods should be avoided. Best solution is to prepare your own food at home for the nutritional content.Avoiding alcohol, drugs and tobacco as excessive consumption can lead to severe effects. Physical activity is a key to longevity. Individuals should plan on implementing wellness programs such as aerobics, jogging, kick boxing and many more to their schedule. Again choosing an activity that you enjoy is essential or progress. Also incorporate aspects such as strength training that help for longevity, balance, and fitness.