Experiment Convenience

Experiment Convenience number Experiment Convenience I choose cornflakes for this assignment. I take cornflakes every day before going to school and I think I have some kind of special relationship with this product.
What is this products “hedonics”?
Once I bought the product my expectations were very high. Cornflakes are packed in a way that is able to attract the consumer purchasing the product. The product seems to be so easy to prepare and highly nutritious. The aroma is excellent and has a sweet taste. The texture is very soft once you mix the cornflakes with milk. However, without mixing with milk the texture is rough.
What benefits does it provide for you?
Cornflakes are low in sugars and calories. This means that cornflakes are also low on fat. This can help reduce the chances of being obese. Cornflakes are also rich in iron and vitamins. The product is a rich source of vitamins A, B. C AND E. Cornflakes also comes in a wide range of flavors ranging from mango, chocolate, banana, strawberry and mango.
Cornflakes are also light and digestible. This means that the body can easily digest corn flakes, giving me energy to sustain me throughout the day. Cornflakes also contain folic acid, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine. These are necessary for sound health. Cornflakes is a whole mean breakfast that can help prevent many health related issues including obesity, cancer and heart attacks since cornflakes have no cholesterol.
Cornflakes are taken with milk, which is rich in proteins. This helps my body grown and repair worn out tissue in the body. Cornflakes are also rich in almonds. Almonds help prolong life, prevent asthma and rejuvenate skin. Cornflakes are also rich in lutein which is important for eye health. The presence of iron also helps maintain acceptable levels of blood in my body.
What does it allow you to do in your daily life that you could or would not do without it?
Cornflakes help keep me attentive in class since the product is rich in irons thus making my brain active. It also keeps me energized throughout the day, enabling me to carry my activities efficiently. It also enables me to save a lot as I spent less on energy drinks and rarely take junk food. It also helps keep my body healthy. This also helps me to concentrate with my studies as I rarely get sick.
What kind of labor saving or convenience does it provide?
Cornflakes are also relatively easy to prepare and consume. It helps me save me time in the morning as I am going to school. It would take a lot of time to prepare a meal that is highly nutritious like cornflakes. Milk which is used together with cornflakes is readily accessible in most supermarkets.
Is there anything that you would change about the product if you could?
Yes. Cornflakes are low in fiber. This forces me to take cornflakes with other foods or fruits that are rich in fiber. If I were to change something about the product I would ensure that the product is rich in fiber.