Experiential Leadership

They are glad about the fact that they have salary and reimbursement and inducement recompense plans that really pay, and bonus plans and profit-sharing tactics that are funded based on the achievement of the commerce." As far as objective setting, Hummel (2004) quotes from an interview by means of one of Dell’s employees, "The corporation is team paying attention and tremendously goal-oriented, as in the military, Archer (interviewee) said. It is a rough life on the floor," Archer said. "It’s extremely significant that the leadership is identified by the men and women."
The Assistant answered that "Dell" it is a very huge organisation with more than 500 employees and the HR Department is not working in the correct way. For example, he said every 100 employees need to have an HR person but now in the Dell Inc there are only two for all the employees. In order to have a good working results the HR with the corporation of the Line Managers, he tries to give the best for the employees.
The Assistant answered that the Dell Inc is a business that has many employees that work only temporary and those employees don’t have the opportunity to learn many things about the HR Department. On the other hand, for the permanent employees they know what the HR provides them with. The Dell Inc gives to each employee informal papers for the role of HR and it provides them with seminars to inform them the role of HR.
Question 4: Do you apply any kind of technical equipment in the Dell
One of the reward systems that the Dell applies was the technology equipment for employee of the year. In this reward system every Line Manager of all the departments has a meeting in order to decide who the best employee is and who will take a hardware.
Question 5: The relations between the employees affect the motivation of the employees, therefore their performance, too. What measures does the HR department takes in order to create good employee relations
The Assistant said that again with the athletic activities they get to learn each other better, they become friendlier and this environment exists at work too. Also twice a year the Dell Inc gives some money so that all the departments goes out for dinner and have fun.
Question 6: At which point do you allow employees to involve at the HR department’s decision making
He said that there are different types of commissions which are consisted by employees and through meetings some ideas about many things like health and safety are taken. The final decisions are taken after they have a meeting with the HR person.
Question 7: To what degree and about which issues do you allow empl