Evans and Ogbu’s Theories

Evans has identified that the Social Reproduction Theory has ignored the patterns of social structures and relationships. the theory states that "social action and interaction recreated the social structures and relationships over time and across space", which is objectionable because such social interactions have injected the elements of vanity, pride, fear, and hatred i.e. social exploitation and injustice. The Social Reproduction Theory has failed on the economic side, the theory has failed to justify and explain the existence of economic and social injustice, and rise in poverty even in the presence of interactive-social structures. This concept has been responsible for the increase in capital accumulation, which has deprived the underprivileged of recovery. Evan has suggested that the theory has failed "in the reproduction of the capital structures and the infrastructure that are necessary to carry on economic activity over time". Evan has identified the ignorance towards a biological aspect of the human and social growth, the growth of human society is not by the virtue of social and economic structure, it shall include consideration towards "daily and generational parts of reproduction".
The community and social factors have identified the integration of "anthropological and sociological theory". The Cultural Reproduction Theory has focused upon the relationship between the system and community forces, these forces are not proportional to each other however these certain share influence upon each other. The theory has explained that "system forces facilitated a set of communal responses which became strong enough instituted and widely enough shared to become community forces". Evans has warned that irrespective of such system, any form of discrimination based upon cultural, racial and social heterogeneity, and shall inflict certain responses from involuntary minorities. Evans suggested that the theory has ignored the frequency of impact of specific social forces, such impact does not require "formative period to produce an everlasting result". The Cultural Reproduction Theory has discussed the influence of continuous changing community and system. however, it has failed to deliver significance and contribution of such special force/s. This theory has explained the translation of the cultural practices from family to family, and generation to generation. however, such translation has ignored the essence and role of the social forces which in the middle of the process have the capability to vary the translation or its interpretation. This theory has revealed the cultural reproduction based upon social influences but has ignored the notion of pluralism and convergence between varied cultural practices and perspectives.&nbsp.