Evaluate the current applications of nanotechnology in medicine Discuss the potential future of nanomedicine based on current issues

Nanotechnology is hence an important innovation in medicine and is essential since it has solutions to the technology demanding medicine field.
Nanotechnology has been successfully launched in medicine although it holds much potential in the future that what has already been implemented. Delivering of medicines and drugs has been made possible using the technology whereby the nanoequipments are used and they have zero degree of harming the other parts of the body (Bhushan, 2004, p.3). In the fight against cancer, nanoparticles have been found very effective since it is easy to detect the cancerous cells and put anti-cancer gold nanoparticles in them. The Nano shells are very effective in fighting cancer since they have the ability to absorb radiations of high wavelength (Ferrari, 2005, p.366). The Nano shells are inserted into the tumor cells and radiation treatment is applied and they absorb the radiations and heat up killing the cancerous cells (Ferrari, 2005, p.392). This success story of nanotechnology has given heat to other ongoing researches on the utilization of the technology in medicine. In surgery, nanotechnology has been used although a lot is yet to come. Small surgical instruments are been used to perform microsurgeries in any body part without damaging the surrounding cells (Bhushan,2004, p.3). It has an advantage over normal surgical methods since it is precise an accurate and has improved visualization due to Nano cameras in the Nano instruments. Such technology has been used only in a few hospitals all over the world and has proved very accurate and can even be done to tissue and gene levels
Nanotechnology has been applied in antimicrobial coatings to dress wounds so that further infection is reduced by formation of biofilms on the wound. This technology has helped fast healing of wounds from accidents or from surgical procedures (Cleaveland, 2007). Medical