Ethical Consideration that Employees Face

&nbsp.Ethics are a set of rules that give guidance as to the expected standards in society. These ethics are most often in line with the laws of the land. There are ethical values that when breached, could lead to a person being charged in a court of law. However, there are other ethical values that are not part of the law, but when breached could bring negative publicity to an organization or an individual. In recent years, organizations have adopted ethics as part of the everyday operations in their business activities. The code of ethics now form part of the organization culture, and it determines how the public, and most importantly the consumers view an organization. Ethical issues may arise in an organization when there are dealings with the customers, government, employees and even suppliers. Employees in whichever organizations are faced with ethical dilemmas when making decisions in their everyday work. More often than not, an employee is expected to choose the hard way out of a situation to fulfill the requirements of the cord of ethics (Ferrell &amp. Fraedrich, 2014).

Observing ethics is about doing the right thing regardless of the consequences, for the greater good of the people in your surroundings. Companies, which observe ethics in their society, have a good image to the public which has a number of benefits. The organization that observes ethics is likely to attract more customers and good quality human resource which has a good impact on the productivity of the organization.

Organizations are usually organized in a particular hierarchy forming an organization structure. The organization structure defines the relationship&nbsp.between individuals in an organization, such as who reports to whom and who does what job.&nbsp.