Essentials of Health Information Management

When the information is released publicly and available for scrutiny by various people, it improves the quality of the health care organization even more due to the lack of secrecy. It also enables the trust to be built between the public and the health care organization staff which is necessary for health care service deliveries (Green and Bowie, 34).

With the public release of such sensitive information, there is a likelihood of the privacy of the organization’s privacy being breached. This is especially so when the quality measurement data released is done so electronically due to the hacking into the systems once their results are made available to the general public. Privacy is important and especially concerning health records and hence breach is very risky (Green and Bowie, 108).

The other risk is that the reception of the data may be the opposite of the expectation. If the quality measurement report is too superb and opposite of what is the reality in most health care organizations, the report may be jeered and the trust between the organization and the public ends up widening, hence the quality ends up dwindling even more.