Environment More Than Genetics Shapes Immune System

“Environment, More Than Genetics, Shapes Immune System” By Emily Conover Emily Conover’s article discusses the immune system of a human body influenced by one’s genes and previous exposure to pathogens and vaccines. The author suggests that the blood cells and proteins present in the body help in curbing disease-causing organisms (Conover, n.p). However, the difference in people’s immune system results in negative responses that cause diseases, despite being in the same environment. The study examined identical twins to determine the variations that occur between people in the same environment (Conover, n.p).
The study focused on the differences in body cells that make people respond differently to environmental diseases like flu. It was apparent that some people react strongly to vaccines than others, which causes the production of extra antibodies (Conover, n.p). This explains the variations experienced in the genetic setup of individuals, including identical twins.
The article provided additional insights into this week’s reading because it explained the circumstances that influence variability in responses to vaccines. This is because it contains experimental findings that were attained by professional immunologists.
The research presented in this article demonstrates a significant advancement in the field because it highlights the various aspects that cause bodies to react separately to antibody production. This is a further advancement in the field to expose more elements that influence reactions to vaccines.
The one concern that came to mind after reading the article is how identical twins can record different variations, yet their genetic structure is similar. It does not differentiate from the fraternal twins who can possess varying genetic compositions. As a result, it seems identical twin also possess distinct reactions to vaccines.
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