Emergency Response Plan MOD 1 SLP

Emergency Response Plan Affiliation: Forest fire Riverside County in California hasseveral areas which are bound to have wild fires that can turn into disaster in a short time. There are several forests such as the Cleveland National Forest, San Bernardino National Forest and Joshua Tree National Park. There are also state parks which research has indicated that are also most likely to be massively affected by fire (White, T., Ariaratnam and Michael, 2012). Some of the state parks in the county include the Lake Perris state recreation area. California Citrus state historic park as well as Mount San Jacinto State Park. All these are hot sports for fires and disasters and hence mitigation plans to prevent such disasters as well as plan on emergency response in case the fire disaster happens should be in the plan. California as a whole including this county is a very hot area and hence fires are likely to happen and when they do they are likely to spread faster and wider in a short period of time (White, T., Ariaratnam and Michael, 2012).
Riverside County has been reported to have several hundred earthquakes and earth tremors this year alone. This therefore means that the area is liable to earthquake disasters of larger magnitude and the emergency response team should be prepared on ways to handle it. Earthquake is a natural disaster and hence there are no mitigation efforts and preparations that can be made.
The only way to tackle such a disaster is to wait for it to occur so that rescue efforts can be put in place. Even though the area has never experienced an earthquake of higher magnitude to crippling and alarming levels according to richer scale, this does not mean that it should be ruled out as a disaster possibility. California is generally an area prone to earthquakes and even if the earthquake will not happen with the Riverside County, the effects of a huge earthquake can be passed to this county and hence strong response is necessary (Geschwind, 2001).
Terrorism is a man-made emergency and disaster that is likely to happen in Riverside County similarly to any other place in the US what with the terrorism threats and activities already taking place in other locations in the country. This county is likely to be a target because of several reasons first being the fact that it has a military base known as March Air Reserve Base. The military has been an enemy of terrorists and hence are likely to attack the county as a way of retaliation.
There is also an international airport where they can arrive from which is the Palm Springs International Airport. Other than the international airport which may be an obvious choice, there are also international hotels (Albattat and Ma Som, 2013) and several general aviation airports which may be targets such as the Bermuda Dunes Airport, Perris Valley Airport, Hemet-Ryan Airport and Flabob Airport among the many others. A disaster preparedness plan which should be detailed enough should be included in the emergency response plan without downplaying any detail. Terrorism disasters have proven to claim the lives of many and hence mitigation efforts should be enforced (Eshghi and Larson, 2008).
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