Emarketing plan for Aljarafe Restaurant



While the restaurant targets the public, its prestigious location coupled with the high quality of services narrows the target market to the middle and upper-class members of the society. The diversity of services at the restaurant further widens the target market owing to the fact that the numerous eatery services will provide appropriate services to numerous people. Among the values that the restaurant promises, include quality, diversity and hospitality. The restaurant promises to tailor the services to the specifications of the client. This will ensure that the restaurant satisfies the demands of the market thereby developing a positive reputation in the market using strategic marketing techniques. The hospitality industry is one of the most lucrative industries in any economy. Success in the industry relies on the quality and uniqueness of the services that a player introduces. Aljarafe restaurant seeks to succeed in the already flooded industry by introducing unique products. Coupled with both diversity and high quality, the restaurant seeks the existing competition thus grabbing the largest share of the already existing market. The eatery business is the common business with numerous other restaurants already operating in the city of Manchester. Such features influence the market entry strategies that the new restaurant promises to use in order to increase its profitability.&nbsp. Aljarafe Restaurant strives to use the diversity in the society to its advantage by developing products that will appeal to the society.&nbsp.