Effects of Advertising on the Society

This essay stresses that current commercials have capitalized on the power of sexual appeal to attract more customers or at least attract the attention of the TV viewers in the country. As a result, it is common to watch adverts of different companies ranging from food, service and product companies, using the female sex appeal to reach out to specific consumers. This has massive impact on the morals of the society and affects the overall growth of children and teenagers with respect to behavior.
This paper makes a conclusion that advertising is a tool that a business must use to ensure that it remains competitive in the market and increase its market share and profitability. As a result, the channels of advertising have tremendously increased with the advancement in information technology, which has enabled organizations to widen their scope. However, advertisements have been shown to affect societal growth and morals negatively as they create false impression on people especially children. This affects their behavior and results in the development of habits and behaviors that affect their normal growth and health. Increased consumption of junk food as depicted in adverts is not all healthy since it increases obesity in teenagers. This increases their exposure to lifestyle diseases such as obese dependent diabetes, high blood pressure, and the development of cancerous tissues.