Economic Activity in Frace

Economic Statistics and Activity: The Gross Domestic Product of France is worth around 2734.95 billion of US dollars. This is as per the year 2013. This domestic product is a representation of 4.41% of the economy of the world. The average rate of the French GDP between the year 1960 to the period 2013 amounts to 1047.27 billion of US dollars. This shows that France is a very rich country. As of the year 2013, the income per capita in France amounted to 44,099 dollars (Gofen and Blandine, 22). This is an indication that the poverty level in France is very low. Furthermore, as per the year 2013, the net adjusted average household income disposable income was 29,322 dollars, per year. This was more that the OECD countries which had an average house hold income of 23,938 dollars per year (Gofen and Blandine, 27). Despite these high numbers, there is a considerable difference between the poorest and the richest in France. The top 20% of the population in France are able to earn five times more, than the bottom 20% of the population. The most relevant industry for the supply of ice cream laced wine is the hospitality industry (Gofen and Blandine, 21). This industry comprises of hotels, bars, discos, Casinos, etc. The hospitality industry in France is very stable, and the most lucrative. For instance, during the financial crisis, the hospitality industry was not affected. For example, France has the highest hotel penetration rate in Europe. This rate stands at 41%. The wine product sold by my company is a luxurious product, and hence the people of France can afford it. This is because they have a strong income per capita, and the target industry is performing well. Works Cited:Gofen, Ethel, and Blandine Pengili Reymann. France. 3rd ed. New York: Marshall Cavendish, 2013. Print.