Does Political Theory Have Any Importance for the Study of Politics

The system has evolved significantly and whether directly or indirectly every citizen is affected and influenced by the political happenings. Moreover, citizens also affect political events in one way or the other, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, we all live in a society where most of us are passive political actors or audience, in either case, closely connected to the system (Hoffman amp. Graham, pp. 403-408, 2006). Over the past centuries, experts and authorities have developed a theoretical framework to help us understand political behavior and events. However, the fundamental question that arises here is that how this political theory or political philosophy helps us to understand political behavior or facilitates our study of politics.By definition, the political theory may refer to an orientation that characteristics or classifies the thinking of a nation or a society (Dryzek, Honig, amp. Philips, pp. 325-326, 2006). A more specific approach would be to say that Political philosophy refers to the study of issues and fundamentals like law, liberty, justice, rights, government, authority, public interests, and others, and attempts it to combine and look it in boarder sense. It is imperative here to look at the significance of the word theory here. This word comes from the Greek language and has five root words from which it is derived. Thea, Theorien, Theodoros, Theoria and Theorema and surprisingly all these words have somewhat a similar meaning (Boix amp. Stokes, pp. 32-33, 2007). These words refer to observing something about which some basic information is known and then asking questions about it. Moreover, it is a continuous activity and does not seek to get the right or wrong answers. It is an effort to understand and not about validating a point or necessarily reaching to a conclusion (Gaus amp. Kukathas, pp. 210-216, 2004).Many political philosophies and theories facilitate our study of politics. Let us have a look at a few of them.