Discuss why you chosen pharmacy as a profession

My second reason for choosing Pharmacy as my life’s work is that it suits my personality and technical skill perfectly. During my years in the army, I was exposed to numerous professional pursuits and had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities. During this time, I always returned to my interest in Pharmacy because it was such a good fit for me. When I left the Army, I was allowed to shadow a local pharmacist which only confirmed what I already knew. this profession was my life’s calling. I have a natural empathy for people and want to make a positive contribution to their lives. I am studious by nature, and have the ability to concentrate and pay great attention to detail. These two aspects of my personality will find their greatest and best expression as a pharmacist because my caring heart and technical abilities will be able to be combined into a single life pursuit.
Finally, I have chosen Pharmacy as my career because I understand the vital role that pharmacists play in both the healthcare system and improving the quality of life for individuals. Pharmacists are an important bridge between the patient and their doctor because they provide important information directly to the individual. People have so many questions about their health and the medicines they take. Often, the doctor does not have time to explain the details of the medications they prescribe, or the patients are too intimidated to ask a lot of questions. With a pharmacist, people are more willing to discuss their medications because the pharmacist seems more accessible. I know that I want to be a pharmacist because I want people to have the information they need regarding their treatment and how it might interact with their lifestyle or other medicines they are taking. This profession will give me the opportunity to give important advice while caring for the people who need it most.
I will be a great pharmacist. I have seen the impact of healthcare on the lives of individuals. I have the personality and technical skill to learn the profession and apply it in assisting people every day. The important role of helping patients manage their treatment and emphasizing the precautions they must take to maintain their health is what I want to do for the rest of my life.
My Priorities in Life
As a mother and former member of the U.S. Army, I have had the opportunity to travel to many different places, experience much of what life has to offer and see the things that are important. I have three fundamental priorities set for my life. to finish school, to fulfill my chosen professional goals, and to help people.
My first life priority is to finish my education. As I have indicated before, I am very aware of the benefits of a quality education. Being raised in Jamaica, I witnessed first hand what happens to people who are not allowed to develop to their full potential. After moving to America, I saw the other side of what education can provide to a person, and I want to reap those benefits for myself as well as my children. I know that in order to develop my full personal potential, I must attain success in my chosen career and that means successfully finishing school. In fact, I don’t just want to be successful in my studies, I want to be outstanding. This first milestone must be achieved for the others to have a chance at being fulfilled. Accordingly,