Diet Programs in The Flavor Point Diet by Dr David Katz

Most current diet programs and pills focus on manipulating the amount and duration of calorie intake and macronutrient levels. This is one of the first diets to address the role of the tastes and flavors of the foods we consume in order to lose stubborn fat. In order to address the claims that Katz makes this paper will discuss his qualifications, the basic science that he utilizes to provide evidence for his claims, and the nature of his project generally speaking.

Dr. David Katz is an associate professor of public health and director of the Yale Prevention Research Center. He is also an associate director of nutrition science at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University. His credentials also include being a Medical Contributor for ABC News. His collaborator on this work is his wife Catherine Katz who has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Clearly, with the sort of credentials that Dr. Katz says it is likely, he presents the data he has intelligently and coherently. however, it is of course entirely possible with his prodigious background and knowledge that those interpretations while on the surface sound, are not as completely effective as one might be led to believe. Besides the obvious fact that he is indeed trying to sell a program, even the most brilliant and thorough of scientists to do not always agree, thus even if he was presenting the science in the most direct and frank way possible. it is always possible that there will be some issues with his conclusions. Nevertheless, even if we are concerned about those issues, it is very likely that the program itself will be nutritionally sound, and will not be medically endangering to the health and safety of its followers.
The scientific claims themselves are&nbsp.rather astounding. Essentially, he suggests that because of the diversity of flavors we experience in the daily consumption of food, people overeat because our brain’s appetite triggers are activated by various flavors.&nbsp.