Development and Motivation In/For Critical Thinking

Earthquakes can be caused by fracking, which is a method of extracting gas from rocks by injecting water and other chemicals into the rocks at extremely high pressures. One concept in the FiLCHeRS acronym is the falsifiability fact which affirms that for any idea to be a true fact it should provide room for approval or disapproval through evidential reports (Riggs, &amp. Hellyer-Riggs, 2014).When a particular fact is drafted, concerned people look for a chance to prove it right or wrong. Various studies have been done by seismologists who have carried out some geological studies on the ways in which fracking procedures can lead to earthquakes.
Although the studies revealed a small percentage of linkage, it was actually apparent that there were chances to cause earthquakes because of the continued use of injection wells. These injection wells may create faults that may in turn rapture to cause earthquakes. The concept of honesty is also included in the FiLCHeRS model and advises that in the process of analysing a fact, one should be honest with oneself and the community at large. If the evidence shows more shortcomings than advantages of the theory, there should be no belief in it. For instance, the process of fracking becomes unethical in the sense that it produces a lot of noise to the neighbouring community and the whole environment becomes a mess due to spillage of water and brine used during gas extraction. The environment looks bad due to the land breakdowns that may occur at the faulty areas and also due to the water or brine that may spill over (Riggs, &amp. Hellyer-Riggs, 2014).
The FiLCHeRS model requires that claims made for or against a certain fact be from evidence carried out by the claimant. Sometimes it becomes difficult to disapprove a certain claim if it involves extraordinary information that has no evidence. Some information can be based on belief and there lacks evidence on such information e.g. when we are told that God is the creator of the universe. it is by faith that we believe such statements. Some evidences are also never adequate enough to make use of this model hence it is normally upon the claimant o produce satisfactory evidence.
HIV is actually a virus that causes AIDS and this is a fact that has been evidenced through laboratory tests to affirm the same. However some people in remote and undeveloped areas object this fact and link AIDS to some kind of witchcraft. In the recent past AIDS was being termed as a deadly disease hence no one would find it an easy task to accept suffering from it, including the civilized people. The disadvantage of having disbelief in the scientific method of testing the disease is that the patients failed to get proper access to medication that reduce the severity of the disease since proper guidance on the medication could only be done after testing for the virus in the laboratory. Some remote people who used non-scientific methods e.g. witchcraft didn’t get substantial help from the diviners they visited. Too much questioning of how the antiretroviral worked caused a certain lawyer to avoid using them despite the fact that he was positive of HIV. hence leading to his death.
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