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Critics have often claimed populism to be a dismissive, demeaning and derogatory term for responding to voters in a pure democracy. Politicians are a part of the power elite and their usage of the term is sometimes dismissive and demeaning. For instance. Sarah Palin asserts that simplicity and virtue are the two biggest blessing of rural living and wage work. Both assertions are fake and slanderous. Populism calls for governments to intervene in favor of one class while disregarding the rights of the other class. This can be seen when considering the populist movement in America. The movement began when the dollar was inflated, this was to assist the debtor but it was done at the expense of creditors. Thus one class was supported whereas the rights of the other were undermined. Producers enjoy the perks of protectionist laws and the consumers suffer because of lack of competition. Even in campaign promotions, populist rhetoric can be seen. For instance, Obama’s ads claimed John McCain supported transferring American jobs overseas. But the reality is that workers are most likely to lose their share of trade and become bankrupt when jobs can be done more productively anywhere else in the world, regardless of who is president. Similarly, Americans who cannot afford their homes will lose them. The government can only create conditions and circumstances for general prosperity but it cannot enforce them.Critics of populism argue that mobilization and participation in rallies are not a correct measure of autonomy. Gino Germani was of the view that autonomous collective action and populist heteronymous collective actions are distinct and incomparable. Other critics are of the view that populist redemption is greatly dependent on the authoritarian approach of the will of the people.Neo-liberalism is an approach to economic and social policies based on neoclassical theories of economics. Neoliberalism advocates the free market mechanism and the importance of the private sector in policy decision making.