Dell development



Dell has to rethink its strategy of direct selling and is now attempting to sell through retailers globally. Although at every stage they have been quick in recognizing opportunities and translating it into action by innovating new products, but their profits and revenue has gone down remarkably. New product development requires ingenuity in product designing and creation and then market analysis. They did make extensive efforts to identify target group while designing the new products. Their ideas, concept and technology development were all in place but of late competition has overtaken them. They did capture a good market share not just in the US but even in other countries but due to their marketing approach and low-cost computers the advantage that they gained due to new product development was lost. While Dell did involve itself in all these activities, but research suggests that their direct selling concept seems to have now been the cause of their downslide. The right resources have also to be allocated to the NPD process, which is where Dell lacked.